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Portugal’s brittle healthcare system is under growing pressure due to an unprecedented rise in coronavirus infections as a result of a relaxation of the measures during Christmas. Even after a stricter lockdown was put in place on the 15th of January, the number of new cases continued to rise to over 1000 per 100.000 inhabitants. […]


Lisbon and Porto – the country’s two largest cities – are rivals.Not equivalent or complementary, much less comparable. Fernando Lemos (1926-2019) – artist, photographer, painter and poet expressed it his way. ‘I am from Porto but I am a Lisboeta. More than Portuguese, I am a Lisboeta.I think Lisbon is the place from where to […]


Traditional food is based on fish, seafood or pork with lots of olive oil. Bacalhau is the undisputed National dish, especially on Christmas Eve when 4 to 5 thousand tons of Norwegian cod is devoured.Cod became prominent during the Discovery Era because it could be stored for longer periods. You can see and smell the […]


Portuguese citizenship is hot. The latest report by the borders agency SEF shows that last year more than 74,000 foreigners applied for Portuguese nationality. For the first time in history, the country’s foreign resident population exceeds half a million people (5% of the total population). Most requests for citizenship are related to naturalization and reunion. […]


Amidst the height of the country’s fight against Covid-19, the Democratic Union of Nurses in Portugal Sindepor went on a five-day ‘wake-up call’ strike last week, during which only minimum services were provided. Carlos Ramalho, the president of the syndicate, declared that the walkout was necessary as the nurses are exhausted and their situation in […]


Climate change in Portugal varies from wildfires to storms Although the world’s C02 emissions are expected to fall by 8% this year – as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down much of the global economy.- the reduced emissions are very unlikely to have a serious impact on the global levels of carbon dioxide. The target laid […]


With more than 3000 new Covid cases and 31 deaths registered in 24 hours – according to figures by Portugal’s DGS (Directorate General of Health) – Parliament decided last Friday that face masks are going to be mandatory in public spaces across the country. The measure – valid for the next 70 days – obliges […]


The only food the Portuguese are more crazy about than fish is soup. Caldo verde is a thick soup made with thinly-cut strips of Galician kale and potato, and always a lump or two of chorizo floating in it. It is thought to originate from the northern Minho province in the 15th century and goes […]


The controversial plan to extend the Lisbon metro by constructing a circle line – joining the existing yellow and green ones – has finally moved forward thanks to a solid financial injection of € 83 million from the EU’s Cohesion Fund. Works – which will link Rato to Cais Sodré and São Sebastião to Campo […]


‘Ik heb een koper voor je’, schreeuwt de makelaar opgewonden door de telefoon als we op een zonnige najaarsmiddag vanuit São João do Estoril over de N6 naar Lissabon terugrijden. Een koel briesje glijdt de open ramen van de hoogbejaarde Landcruiser binnen.‘Jullie moeten wel binnen 24 uur beslissen want de kopers hebben ook andere appartementen […]