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When the number of confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed the 1,000 mark – with six reported deaths – the Portuguese Government announced the State of Emergency on March 19. Non-essential business and schools closed. People urged to leave their houses only for food, medicines and walking the dog. Remote working from home became the rule. Restaurants […]


For decades a suitable location for a second runway has been studied to take the pressure off Lisbon’s congested inner-city airport. Ota, Alcochete, Alverca and Beja have been considered over the years and subsequently rejected. The Socialist Government of Antonio Costa is convinced that upgrading Montijo Air Force Base 6 on the south bank of […]


Since March 2015, Jews living abroad have the right to obtain the Portuguese nationality if they can prove to be descendants from the Sephardic Jews –  Marranos – who were persecuted and banned from Portugal more than 500 years ago. At that time an estimated 200.000 were imposed to escape the Iberian peninsula and fled […]


We need the indifferent, the conformed and the sceptics We need those who recycle excuses and nothing else We even need those who do not harm (Lisbon City Council) Lisbon is Europe’s Green Capital 2020. A recognition of the work the city has been done over the past years towards a greener and more people-friendly […]


In Portugal – where palliative care is no priority – a first training course of end-of-life doulas has started last September. The program covers topics like active listening, symptoms of chronic ailments, nutrition and hydration, post-mortem care and legacy work. An end-of-life doula is a professional, who guides the dying and opens up the conversation […]


You can wrap it in plastic, put it in Tupperware or do both, it still smells. Portugal is the world leader in consuming salt-dried cod and the only country in the EU that consumes more cod than salmon. One-third of the cod consumption occurs during the festive season. On Christmas Eve five thousand tons of […]


‘We were the inventors of bad policy to buy and sell free and peaceful men as if buying and selling beasts’ ( Padre Fernando Oliveira, 1555 ) During the Moorish occupation (8th – 12th century) Jews, Muslims and Mozarabs (as Christians were called) in Lisbon lived peacefully together. The three religions were socially integrated and […]


The Chinese leaf that conquered the world There are roughly two ways to say tea in the world. One is like the English expression – thee in Dutch, tee in German or thé in French. The other is a variation of cha – chay in Russian, chai in Swahili or shay in Arabic. Both variations […]